Become The Boss You’ve Always Wanted

As a Kitchen Guard Franchisee

Are you a seasoned professional seeking a career shift that allows you to leverage your sales experience, be your own boss, lead your chosen team and build wealth? Kitchen Guard offers you a multi-faceted business to channel your ambition and take control of your future.

Join the nation’s premiere commercial kitchen cleaning company and embark on a journey that leads to empire-building success.

Building connections is your superpower. You invest in long-term relationships and have a commitment to customer experience and service.  You pride yourself on professionalism, accountability and remaining committed to customers.

You want to create something in your community, for yourself and for your family – a long legacy and generational wealth.

You’re unafraid of rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty with your strong work ethic.  You work hard because you (and your family) enjoy reaping the fruits of your labor.

You embrace all communications channels and technology to reach your customers and teammates where they are…clearly, concisely and effectively. You are a leader and you want to take your skills to an entirely different level, and be rewarded for it.